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Packaging in Plastic offer a one stop shop for all of your Vacuum Forming & Thermoplastic Moulding requirements

With expertise in all aspects of taking a design from concept to manufacturing. In-house tooling design, procurement, thermoplastic forming, CNC trimming, product development, testing and assembly – providing you with total control over cost, time and quality.

Established in 1992, Ansini Limited is located in Mansfield and has a number of specialist manufacturing processes. Each area has a dedicated multi-skilled team, however the diversity of our vacuum forming and thermoplastic moulding goes far beyond that.

Much more to offer than Vacuum Forming & Thermoplastic Moulding

Ansini's core areas are aerospace and automotive, the quality standards applied to these industries is applied throughout the business. This isn’t just the ISO 9001:2015 certification but the whole ‘lean manufacturing’ concept. This means you get the highest quality at the most competitive rates, without any compromise.

Ansini is part of the ASG Group of companies

The background of ASG is in the design and manufacture of vehicle accessories for both own brand and OEM. A wide range of accessories are supplied including, Side Runners & Side Pipes, Dog Guards, Load Separators, Bulkheads, Lamp Guards, Waterproof Seat Covers, Roof Racks and more.

This creates a fantastic opportunity for designers as Ansini can provide a huge variety of manufacturing options within the group.

Read more about the ASG Group

Why is this important to our customers?

Ansini is a financially stable company, driven by the most demanding industry quality standards and lean practice policies in business today. This is the reason why when our customers experience the difference in our approach to thermoplastic forming, no matter what sector they are in, they say...

“Ansini provide the highest product standards combined with better value, service and quality”

If you want the answer to more cost effective vacuum formed products, the latest materials and finishes for your designs then call us on 01623 812333, email us on – we guarantee we can help.

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