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Clam Packs

Clam Packs

Ansini manufacture plastic vacuum formed clam packs that can either be hot or cold sealed, designed to integrate a hinged point to allow for cost effective and efficient packaging.

Ansini's Clampacks are designed so that all sides of the package can be seen. This means that cardboard can be simply integrated within the packaging design to display any product information. Only pressure, no heat is required to perfectly seal the blister pack.

We will aid you with development from prototype to manufacture of your plastic clam packaging, which can be designed to fit any products.
So whether you require a small or a large batch of products please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ansini can also supply you with Shelf ready packaging trays that can be used in conjunction with your plastic clam pack so that your product can be delivered straight to store, without the need to use other packaging or display systems. Should you wish to have a larger display system, we are able to offer our clients point of sale display systems manufactured on our larger vacuum forming machines.

Should you have any specific display requests please visit our website...

All waste is recycled which means you don’t pay for anything left on the floor. All our waste and is recycled into Spiral Tree Guards which protect saplings from rabbits, hares and systemic herbicides. This means our material waste costs are minimised and we can offer you more competitive rates.
Plastic Clam Pack for the DIY / Tool Trade Retail Plastic Clam Shell for Paint Brushes


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