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Plastic Box Inserts

Plastic Box Inserts

Ansini predominately manufactured plastic box inserts for the medical industry, however due to the development of the beauty and cosmetics industry; we have now transferred this knowledge to the manufacture of plastic vacuum formed box inserts for consumer packaging and giftware items.

The thermo plastic moulded box inserts that we have manufactured for the medical industry have had to conform to the highest standards in quality and cleanliness. This has made our quality management programme pro-active to any issues that may occur before they happen, so we can provide our customers with the best quality plastic box inserts possible.

We are able to draw from our vast knowledge in plastic transit trays to provide our customers with products that are shelf ready and still production line friendly. Over the years we have developed our tooling so that we can deliver a plastic box inserts that conform to the requirements for automated machinery. This allows for easy separation and avoids plastic box inserts getting stuck together whilst packaged and delivered to your door.

We are happy to develop plastic box inserts designed around your product. So all you need to do is supply us with the product that you wish to package, the finished dimensions, you wish the packaging to be and we’ll draw on our vast experience in tooling design and development to supply you with a plastic packaging solution.

Vacuum formed plastic box inserts for the medical industry 
Some examples of plastic box inserts include;
• Diabetic Kits
• Syringe and Injection Kits
• Lipstick and Make-up Packaging
• Medical Packaging
• Presentation Box Inserts
• Giftware Plastic Packaging
• Cosmetic and Beauty
• Children’s Toy Packaging
• Component Part Packaging
• Electrical Equipment
• Jewellery Presentation Boxes

………..And many others

We can give advice on how to develop the most suitable rigid plastic packaging, so that your product is held in the same position and is presented beautifully and safely in clear, transparent or coloured plastic packaging.

All waste is recycled which means you don’t pay for anything left on the floor. All our waste and is recycled into Spiral Tree Guards which protect saplings from rabbits, hares and systemic herbicides. This means our material waste costs are minimised and we can offer you more competitive rates.
Vacuum formed plastic box inserts for the medical industry Vacuum formed plastic box inserts for the cosmetics and beauty industry
Vacuum formed plastic box inserts for the confectionery industry Vacuum formed plastic box inserts for the medical industry


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