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Plastic Packaging and Thermo Plastic Website Launch

This site offers our customers a wealth of information about our capabilities for the manufacture of high volume and low cost plastic packaging on our roll fed machines. The site shows images and information about all of the various types of plastic packaging listed below.

Cold Seal Blister Packaging
Clam Packs
Plastic Transit Trays
Plastic Box Inserts
Point of Purchase Trays
Shelf Ready Packaging Trays
Plastic Seed Trays

Also information regarding the different sectors that the plastic packaging is used in, these include pharmaceutical, medical, food and drink, point of sale, DIY, toiletries, confectionary, stationary, component handling and cosmetics.

On winning the contract for management, manufacture and assembly of spray tan equipment, for the beauty sector, back in March. Ansini launched a new web site dedicated to Product and Industrial designers for the plastic moulding and fabrication industry - this site offers free downloads, information about our monthly workshops and guidance for product and industrial designers in the plastic moulding industry.

Ansini also took the opportunity to rebrand its image and refresh the company logo.

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