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At Ansini, we are able to provide an extensive range of approachable and flexible thermo plastic services to innovative companies and designers alike...

  • Six forming machines (capable of forming a range of different material types, between 1-8 mm thick, up to maximum sheet size of 2 metres x 1 metre and 600mm tool depth)
  • Five 5-axis CNC trimming centres
  • Smaller trimming facilities for bespoke and finer work
  • In-house assembly
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Full packaging and logistics service

We provide the complete package, suitable to any customer, at competitive prices and on short lead times.

Ansini CAD Capabilities

  • Solid Edge
  • Surf CAM

Ansini’s in-house CAD team can help with design and tooling development for prototyping and manufacture.

We at Ansini are also happy to give advice and procure the most suitable tooling, for your needs and desired volume.

If you are a product designer seeking the best solution for your concept or client we can help...

From providing you with practical advice, to helping make your design more cost efficient or perform better, Ansini have the expertise to ensure you get the very best combination from your concept.

To find out more about Thermo Plastic Moulding or attend one of our FREE workshops, please call us on 01623 812333


Working towards an environmentally sound business, all our waste is now recycled into our Spiral Tree Guard products, which protects saplings from Rabbits, Hares, and Systemic Herbicides. The Spiral Tree Guard also expands with the natural growth of the tree giving it long term protection.

Read more about Spiral Tree Guard.


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