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Vacuum Formed Cold Seal Blister Packaging

Ansini’s cold seal plastic blister packaging is manufactured by vacuum forming plastic material to bespoke shapes and sizes to create a transparent blister. The plastic blister can then be trapped between two pieces of card or attached directly onto the card itself without using any heat. So that the product is the focal point.

With Ansini’s years of vacuum forming experience and a range of automated roll fed thermo forming machines, Ansini can manufacture whatever batch size required.

Ansini’s cold seal plastic blister packaging lends itself perfectly to the following industries;

Cold Seal Blister Pack for DIY Fixings
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Gardening
  • DIY
  • Stationery
  • Cosmetics


Standard Cold Seal Plastic Blister Packaging

A standard cold seal plastic blister package is designed so that it integrates with any cardboard inserts that are required to contain any product information; some images of these are shown below.

Easy Opening Plastic Blister Packaging

Ansini’s easy opening blister packaging is focused on giving the customer easy access to the product that is inside the plastic packaging. So all that is required to seal the packaging is pressure, likewise all that is required to open the packaging is pressure. This makes the packing process simple, quick and very cost effective.

Tooling and Development

Ansini can also offer assistance with the design and manufacture of your prototype.

We will also aid you with procurement of the most cost effective and productive tooling for the job in hand.


Cold Seal Blister Pack Stationery Set Cold Seal Blister Pack Watch Batteries
Cold Seal Blister Packaging of Light Bulbs Cold Seal Blister Packaging for Plastic Components


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